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Cerevive – Amino acid precursors and bioactive nutrients that support healthy levels of neurotransmitters like GABA, serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Optimizing neurotransmitter production, especially dopamine, can help to curb cravings and decrease appetite. Also great for energy, mood, and memory.

Diaxinol – A synergistic blend of ingredients proven to help support healthy glucose levels. Alpha-lipoic acid helps to support healthy blood sugar balance as well as to increase metabolism. Chromium, cinnulin, biotin, and vanadyl sulfate have all been proven to aid in balancing blood sugar and assisting in sugar and carbohydrate metabolism.

CM Core- The main ingredient in CM Core is berberine. Berberine backed by extensive clinical research to address several factors associated with ideal cardiometabolic health. Berberine supports cardiometabolic health by maintaining healthy glucose levels, supporting normal LDL levels, and optimizing metabolism.

Glycemacore – This delicious shake will aid in blood sugar regulation, satiety, and weight loss. Offered in chocolate and vanilla, it helps to manage the spike in blood sugar levels after a meal, leading to less fatigue. It provides powerful antioxidant support, insulin regulation, optimal glucose disposal, and weight management.

Common ADD On :
Greens Powder or Capsule
Collagen and Collagen factors


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Vanilla, Chocolate, Protein Chocolate, Protein Vanilla


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